March 25th 2013

Well I have just about completed my first year in this voluntary position. It has certainly been a steep learning curve;
  1. We have recently completed the first BATOD/BAEA joint conference which was very well attended.
  2. The process of updating the BAEA Roles and Responsibilities document is well in hand. I have now received feedback from all the regions - MEAG, NEEAG, SEAG and NWEAG - will have taken place. Should all go according to plan I will try and put it all together over the second week of the Easter Break; first week I am on a boat. I will then circulate the proposed finished article via the email network and depending on how it is received it may go live from September.
  3. All the English regions are now active again and in good communication with the central committee. This is pleasing. I would be grateful if as many Ed. Auds. As possible who attend regional meetings are encouraged to become BAEA members. £20 per year will not exactly break the bank.
  4. AGM will be on April 13th and I am happy for a rep from each region to attend at travel costs paid for by BAEA. I understand that:
    • Chris Watcham will represent NEEAG
    • Gary Webster/Simon Blake will represent MEAG and are also BAEA committee members.
    • Peter Keen and Susan Keen will represent SEAG - travelling in the same car and Peter is a BAEA committee member.
    • An invite to NWEAG for a representative has been sent.
    • In addition there will be Jolanta McCall who is the BAEA secretary.
    Details of AGM agenda will be forthcoming.
  5. Future conferences: I propose that these be held in October 2014 and March 2016.

Gary Webster,